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We are located in Central Texas along the IH35 corridor in Temple, Texas. We also have a small kennel still located in a small town called Briggs. This is where the Massar family and the main kennel are located. This is where it all started. The Eaton family has been raising beagles for about 30 years. The Massar family has been working with them for about 20 years. The Eatons have since decided it is time for a break, and the Massars are taking over the kennel. We strive for the smallest possible beagles without giving up any of the wonderful qualities that beagles possess. We have achieved smaller dogs through selective breeding, not through linebreeding or any of the other controversial size reduction methods. We are registered with AKC, the oldest and most highly regarded registry in the United States. Our focus is on the smaller beagles, and all of our beagles are either 13 inches or smaller. We breed top-quality, healthy puppies for show, hunting, agility, and, of course, as new family members.

When we are not playing with the beagles, you can find us working on the farm or enjoying some family time. We are a family team consisting of Darrell and Karen, our daughter Courtney, her husband Mac, and our son, Walker. The grandkids help out as well by preparing the dogs to be around kids. We like to expose the dogs to other animals, children, and noises so we can assess their temperaments and match the right puppy to the right family. We are blessed to have family and friends nearby so that we can get off the farm on occasion and know that the dogs are being well taken care of.

Our dogs are not caged and are very well-socialized. All of our dogs are AKC registered, and we are working with AKC to have all of our dogs' DNA on file. We have an awesome vet who works with us on both our dogs and our large animals. He visits the farm at least 2 times a year. We also use a local vet clinic for medications and emergencies. Miniature Beagle puppies are available in many colors and are wonderfully adaptable, affectionate family companions. They are also smart and can be easily trained, although there is a stubborn beagle! Great family dogs, but please do your research, and we will be happy to talk with you about the breed.

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