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Adult Mini Girls

Here are some of our girls. I have lots of pictures of everybody. Some of our girls are not having puppies anymore, but are still an important part of our family so I am putting pictures up. Ladybug is our smallest girl. Right now we do not have a male that we consider a perfect match for her so she will not be having puppies. I also have our original "Lady" up. SHe is getting on in years. She shows her age but looking past the gray you can still see what a beautiful girl she is. One of the things I will never forget about Lady is the way she would walk. She would prance by us just like she was saying"look at me, I am beautiful". Lady is tired now so she does not dance as much as she did when she was younger. Now she looks at us with her kind eyes and says pet me, I know you love me. All the girls that have "Lady" beside the name are descendants of Lady. If you look closely you can see the family resemblance. It was a "Lady" litter that was in the dog food calendar.
Our girls range in size from 9 inches and about 10lbs to full sized 13 inch dogs.

 Today I am sad to say we have lost our Lady. she lived a long life and was a happy hearty girl until the end. She is greatly missed.